Sightseeing in Germany

If you have not  had the pleasure of vacationing in Germany I would highly recommend you add this beautiful country to your bucket list.  Here are some of the best places you should see when in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most stunning castles in Germany.   My family and I had the pleasure of taking a horse drawn carriage to the castle. It was snowing lightly and it made the castle look even more fairytale like.

It is definitely a must see with the idyllic view and the stunning interior. This 19th century hilltop fairytale castle, prized home of King Ludwig II,  is one of the most popular and most recognized of all the palaces and castles in Europe. An estimated 1.4 million people come to visit the castle every year.  Photos are not allowed.

Linderhof Palace

You must visit the LInderhof Palace, a 19th-century Bavarian treasure. You have to see it to believe all the richness inside and out.  The castle is small but does not disappoint. The detail in each room is rich with exquisite gold leaf decorating  like you would expect any castle to have. The fireplace and the mirrors are quite extraordinary to see. But you must walk through the immaculate gardens with statues and fountains.  It is magical to see. Note: Photos are not allowed inside but you can get breathtaking views outside.


At 2964 meters (8892 feet) above sea level, the Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany and a very popular getaway destination.The Zugspitze is very accessible.  We traveled to the top by train where you will enjoy the view of four different countries. You can also take a cable car to the top. Just plan to go on a day when the weather is nice so you have a clear view. As attractions go, the Zugspitze ranks a solid zehn on a scale of ten.


If you are looking for some family fun then you need to visit one of Europe’s best theme parks. Germany’s Europa-Park is a perfect vacation for children of all ages. It is located  in a lush area near Germany’s Black Forest.There are more than 100 attractions that are spread out over 13 different themed areas representing Europe. This park is sure to amaze you.  There are 11 rollercoasters, the variety of food is amazing and it is a budget friendly vacation. My kids loved the FoodLoop, where our food was delivered to us by rollercoaster. That was a highlight for them.  They also have shows if you are wanting to do something more leisurely. This park is definitely worth checking out. Just give yourself a few days to make sure you can take in the full experience.

Brandenburg Gate

If you are into architectural beauty then you need to visit  the Brandenburg Gate.You will be awe struck just looking up at this monument that was a dividing line from East to West Berlin. It can be busy with lots of tourist or school trips.  The best time to go is earlier in the morning to walk through and get some good photos. This is an iconic piece of German history and you will not want to miss seeing it.

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